What is a cozy mystery?

Trust me. It’s not all about amateur female sleuths, cartoons of dogs and cats on the book cover and titles that are hokey such as Death by Donuts.

Well there goes my first lie of the day. The truth of the matter is that the above statement often rings true. But that is also why I find the genre endearing.


You will find lovable main characters that sometimes make me want to scream out “are you dense?” or “who does that?”


But I do find it to be addictively fun. The titles are blatantly, and shamelessly self-explanatory in nature. And the books themselves are fun enough to enjoy as a beach read. Or, if like myself you live in the deep south and not near water, while splayed out on a quilt in the backyard. 

While I love gripping mysteries involving gore, off-color language and a hard-boiled detective as the lead that is not what I am in the mood for when I pick up a cozy mystery. If I was I would be sorely disappointed.

This blog will include a lot of cozies! In fact most often the posts will be reviews on cozies as the other genre that I delve into is pretty deep but also explores many real life mysteries… more on that in another blog on another day.


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