Marriage and Mayhem by Jeanne Glidewell

Marriage and Mayhem is the seventh book in the Lexie Starr Mystery series. This was my first time reading any part of this series or any works produced by Jeanne Glidewell. It was released on April 16, 2019.

Someone collapses… something blue…

This book gets off to a rather dramatic start as we begin this story towards the end of Lexie’s daughter, Wendy’s, nuptials. You know, that fun part where everyone holds their breath as the minister says, “if anyone objects speak now or forever hold your peace.” Sure it is omitted from many modern day ceremonies but it is included in this one so that a groomsman can collapse on cue.

He is not the only one who swoons from apparent poisoning, the floral assistant takes a tumble as well. All of this is a real departure from the idyllic scene the bridezilla and her mother had imagined. And someone is going to pay big time for such an inconvenience.

Second wedding… and I am glad I wasn’t around for the first

After this grand introduction we go back a month or so in the story. We learn that this is Wendy’s second wedding and I simply cannot imagine how much of a basket case she must have been the first go round.

I have the greatest sympathy for Wendy in most regards, I really do. She has less than 30 days to get this wedding together and she can’t even find a dress without having a meltdown. If you personally haven’t been in her shoes then maybe one day you will. It is stressful and makes you want to just fast forward your life 30 days until you are eating cake and starting your honeymoon.

Unfortunately she asks her mom for help and that wasn’t a wise thing to do. Lexie is certainly no wedding planner and doesn’t exactly have the best people skills in the world either.

Lexie… how old are you?

Lexie wants to help her daughter when she can hardly help herself. Starting with the fact that she runs a bed and breakfast but admits she is a mediocre cook at best.

She does things that do not make sense such as referring to her hairdresser Yvonne, who is in her mid to late thirties, as a spinster. Yet she goes to her (and only her) immediately to ask her who she should hire as a wedding planner. Why would a spinster be an expert on anything related to a wedding? Perhaps she should have asked her daughter who is working on marriage number two for help instead. Or Yelp for crying out loud.

Lexie simply had an unpleasant, borderline ugly, personality in my opinion. Some of the things that spewed from her mouth and the thoughts in her head were so juvenile that I thought I was reading the diary of a 12 year old. At one point she refers to a woman who is a former basketball player as “too tall”.

A few times Lexie was actually funny. But not enough to be redeemed if you ask me.

Lariat… the life of the party

It should have come as no surprise to Lexie that the spinster hairdresser would recommend Lariat, a drunkard, for the role of wedding planner.

When Lexie gets the first whiff of alcohol reeking from his body I beamed.

Needless to say he was the comic relief I was looking for and the only thing that kept me reading.

Case closed…

Far too much of this story was taken up by the happenings before the wedding which were not remotely interesting. The stilted and awkward dialog also took away from the story’s progression. Lexie as a main character, in particular, came across as painfully judgmental and yet bewilderingly naive at times.

The most memorable, and funny, character by far was the drunken wedding planner. That in itself says a lot to me. It made the book hard for me to read and my attention was not held unless the wedding planner was up to his boozy shenanigans.

There were also times when the same thought was repeated at least three times within the space of a single chapter. I was deeply disappointed when I realized I had guessed the culprit from the beginning of the novel. Some of this book was funny yet not enough to hold my attention. The overall unfolding of the mystery itself did not make this a worthwhile story for me. However, I did think Lariat was a hoot.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me this book in exchange for my honest review.

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