Murder in Cherry Hills by Paige Sleuth

Murder in Cherry Hills by Paige Sleuth is book one in the Cozy Cat Caper mystery series. Try saying that ten times fast. There are currently 28 Cozy Cat Capers. This was published August 7, 2015.

This was actually the first cozy mystery book I ever completed. It is a short one and I listened to the audio version while I unpacked boxes following a move. The book was extremely pleasant and helped to make my suffering something I could endure.

Kat finds a cat and a dead body

Kat Harper, our main character, is returning to her hometown of Cherry Hills in Washington state. She was an orphaned child herself which added an interesting spin on many of the cozy tropes. I liked that she was not moving to her hometown just to be coddled by her mom. Kat comes across as independent and smart enough to not put herself in harms way, even after discovering her former neighbor’s dead body.

Matilda… take us to your leader

Matilda the cat is an instrumental part of the story in that she helps to lead Kat to finding her former owner who was murdered.

She comes across as sweet and not overbearing. Unlike in many mysteries she does not have a narrative. I got what she was saying and preferred it that way. So did Kat who decides to take little Matilda in.

Person of interest…

Kat does find herself being named a person of interest- which seems logical when you stumble upon a dead body. The cop who has her in question is also a person who grew up an orphan alongside Kat. It tugged at my heartstrings to see these two reunited even if it was under the strangest of circumstances.

Kat to the rescue… for real

I really liked when Kat took on the neighbor’s role within the animal rescue organization. It was not one she took on because she wanted to have a power trip but she became very good in her position and grew more astute to the happenings within the local rescue community.

Isn’t that how many good things happen in life? Such as me falling into reading and enjoying cozy mysteries because I was unpacking my life and needed a quick read to carry me though. Hats off to you Kat! She even caught the killer along the way.

Case closed…

This was actually an excellent read. Sure I am partial because it was the first cozy that I actually completed. But it is one that I would sincerely recommend to anyone, even a 10 year old.

It is appropriate for someone of any age because there is no foul language, the romance is fit for a Disney movie and there is no graphic depiction of crime. The mystery behind the killer was very easy for me to figure out quickly but this was a light read and didn’t make me have to think too hard while hanging paintings.

I would read others in the series on days when I want an easy read. To me it does not come as a surprise that the novels would still be successful today and I do wonder what becomes of Kat, Matilda and her investigation skills in future books.

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