Murder, She Uncovered by Peg Cochran

Released May 2019, Murder, She Uncovered is a novel by Peg Cochran. This cozy mystery is the second in the Murder, She Reported series. It centers around the main character Elizabeth “Biz” Adams who is a newspaper photographer in New York City.

When we are introduced to Biz we discover that among the elite she is kind of a big deal. In a city of the haves and the have nots, Biz is part of a family that has always had. We are talking old money not nouveau riche. Taking place in the late 1930s made this a real treat. It gives us the chance to see how rich people lived back when old fashioned champagne glasses were just, well, champagne glasses.

I really loved that this series is set in a big city. It doesn’t follow the traditional cozy formula which places us readers in small town USA, usually on the heels of a bad breakup. I loved how the pace of the book went along swiftly which matched the pace of a somewhat hectic city. Things move fast there and so does Biz, despite having a physical handicap.

N.O.K.D. = Not Our Kind Darling

Okay I admit I learned what NOKD meant by watching a Lifetime movie. It involved a woman of low class and new money overhearing some members of the upper echelon referring to the fact that she’s still not their kind… darling.

Why do I find these things so humorous? Because I am humored by the cattiness that money can bring out in people. It is the worst.

And I was very glad to see that the author did not shy away from this topic. Classism very much exists and I am sure during the the 1930s when this book takes place it was just as big of a dividing line as it is today.

Hailing from a high society background allows Biz to move in circles which place her among the rich people in West Hampton. That’s right kids, the illustrious Hamptons where P. Diddy has his white parties and Tommy Hilfer has a home.

It goes without saying that the Hamptons are where the wealthy people in Manhattan who have had money since the Mayflower landed like to Summer. Biz fits right in. But don’t let the beautiful surroundings fool you, The Hamptons can kill you.

Especially if you are a poor maid who hasn’t even been living in America for very long. But that is where Biz and her partner, a reporter at the newspaper, come in to solve the crime before the police steal all the glory. At least that seems to be the goal.

Case closed…

This book is expertly paced. Events unfold seamlessly and there is not a whole lot of flowery language to get in the way of things. Like any well reported story it tells the who, what, where, when and why early on and keeps the primary focus of that in sight at all times.

Although with that being said I did not mind the side plots and found them interesting. There wasn’t an overflow or romance, Biz does not need a man in order to help her solve the crime or to save her. She is no damsel in distress and you can’t imagine how glad I am for that.

Which brings me to another element I enjoyed- Biz is very much human. While her disability may not be pronounced it does mean that she is differently abled. This is the first cozy mystery I read in which the main character had any kind of notable thing that could possibly interfere with snagging a criminal. Biz doesn’t need to rely on any type of animal for magical help either. The conclusion was plausible which goes a mighty long way in my opinion.

Murder She Uncovered has it all. A solid mystery set in the 1930s among the wealthy inhabitants of NYC and a main character with an independent spirit. It drew me in and I absolutely want to read more from this author in the future.

The next book on the horizon is titled Murder, She Encountered, and will be available in December.

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