It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What can be cozier than Christmas? That’s right, nothing.

I wait all year for the holidays, especially Christmas. I love decorating my three Christmas trees. Yes, three of them.

For me Black Friday does not mean running out to the store. It means putting on Christmas pajamas and my elf slippers and making a whole bunch of noise when their bells jingle. Of course it takes me an entire day to put up everything.

Beyond wreaths and garlands there are also stockings to hang. And lights to string up. Not to mention the table decorations.

I don’t even ask my husband to help me beyond dragging down the huge containers in which the lovely decorations are held 11 months out of the year. Because I know exactly how I want things to be arranged. And more importantly, because I know I am crazy and he shouldn’t have to endure such annual insanity.

By the next day there’s a great chance my back will be killing me. Which puts me in the mood to read about murders. Cozy mystery murders of course.

You shouldn’t be surprised… after all, Christmas can be deadly!

Published by Classic Pink- Mystery Review Maven

Cozy Mystery Maven

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