Mistletoe Murder by Karen MacInerney

Mistletoe Murder by Karen MacInerney is book number four in the Dewberry Farms Mystery series. This book was published in December 2017. It is the first book that I have read by this author.

Where does Lucy find the time?

The main character, Lucy Resnick, is a regular old Jackie of all trades. She does more before 8 am than I do in an entire week. She runs a farm, is overlooking the restoration of her grandma’s old home, she also makes soaps and other goodies that she sells at the store she owns in town while she is not solving murders. The only thing she seems to be struggling to do is to knit a scarf before Christmas. She’s just perfect now isn’t she?

Thankfully everyone else is a mess…

If it wasn’t for the rest of the town being a realistic mess this whole setup would have been way too perfect. The residents of this small Texas town go big in making up for the flaw of her impeccable nature. Who wants a perfect fairy tale Christmas in a place where it doesn’t snow? Lets throw in some cheating lovers to cheer us up and make the holiday really festive.

Lucy just doesn’t fit in with the dramatic shenanigans and that’s okay because it keeps the focus on the fascinating people who fill this world with bloodlust and adultery. To her credit we do get great descriptions of Lucy indulging in doses of spiked eggnog, exchanges of peppermint fudge recipes and even Blue Bell ice cream makes a cameo appearance. Ain’t that what the south is all about?

These men… are nightmares

I can’t say I have seen this many bad men assembled in one setting since Dallas was on tv. They were cheaters, liars and some were just plain broke. Suffice it to say I loved it! Give me that kind of drama any day of the week. Look, I want to be entertained by the cast of characters in my head for however many days it takes me to read each book. And in hindsight I can say I was highly entertained.

With that being said I do prefer these men all stay on the pages of this book and not actually venture out into the real world. But that is a whole other story for a whole other day and far outside the scope of this blog.

Deck the halls… and check the floorboards

This novel packs a lot in when it comes to skeletons and murders. Trust me. By the time the ending approached there was a lot on my mind. Some elements go back many years. Some deal with emotional ties that go back as far as high school. I didn’t feel like my head was spinning from the number of suspects along the way despite there being a lot going on. The novel, for me, flowed nicely.

Case closed…

I did not see the ending coming but did appreciate that things were wrapped up to my satisfaction. There were many moving pieces to bring together and I admired the way in which the author accomplished that. I would like to learn more of the backstory on Lucy and look forward to reading additional novels in the Dewberry Farms Mystery series in the future.

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