The Gem Connection by Michael R. Lane

The Gem Connection by Michael R. Lane is the first book in a three part series originally published April 2016. Coined as a C.J. Cavanaugh Mystery this book completely threw me into C.J.’s world from the first page. Suddenly I was smelling expensive cologne and carrying a cognac leather shoulder holster- in my dreams. ReallyContinue reading “The Gem Connection by Michael R. Lane”

The Black-Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black

I have a theory I would like to share with you all. The better the book cover, the worse the book. Yes, in a way I do sometimes judge a book by its cover. I think the cover for The Black-Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black is pretty striking. It gives off old Hollywood vibes andContinue reading “The Black-Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black”

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